Why Your 3-Phase Inverter Proves To Be A Valuable Investment

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Sourcing a valuable investment for the home can be a tricky exercise.

Especially when brands are crafting products that are not always made to last, it can be a genuine challenge finding items that offer tangible value for money.

This is where a 3 phase inverter becomes the perfect partner for residents who have access to a three-phase power supply, leveraging their domestic solar panels throughout all locations of the property.

Rather than settling for second best, why not examine the benefits of these designs and assess whether or not they would be a good fit for the household?


Even Distribution of Power

Your 3-phase inverter proves to be a valuable investment when it comes to the even supply and distribution of power from one household outlet to the next. The solar power is converted into AC power before being split off into three distinct directions, ensuring that there is equilibrium from one mode to the next. This is showcased with homeowners who have a model of 10 kW of energy, allowing the design to send through 3.3 kW of energy into each specific outlet. For those that are stuck with a single-phase brand, they will only be able to source 10 kW in one position.


Catering to Multiple Outlets

Thanks to that equal distribution which is brought about by a 3-phase inverter, residents are able to power up and charge a number of applications simultaneously. This will include the sauna, the pool heater, the air conditioners, the spa, the washing machine, desktop computer, WiFi modem and the electric car charger for those who are involved in that niche market. There is always a concern for citizens about how much they can power up and supply at any given time during the day or night, but this model empowers all of those positions irrespective of their purpose.


More Reliable Under All Conditions

One of the concerns that homeowners have with a solar model is seeing the system malfunction. This fear will span properties in metropolitan, suburban and rural areas of the country. With the aid of a 3-phase inverter, there are lower voltage drops across the board. No more television blackouts. No more lighting candles. This is a systematic overhaul that allows constituents to set their clock to a balanced phase of power that illuminates and runs the home from the first to the last hour of the day.


Household Flexibility

If you have a location with a three-phase supply, there is no hard and fast rules that you must require a 3-phase inverter. While these models have a superior performance rate and provide a higher grade of efficiency, there is flexibility to allow consumers to adapt to a single-phase inverter or a microinverter depending on their energy consumption rates. That will give a bit more wiggle room for citizens who might want to have the option of cutting costs and downgrading their system if required.


Warranty & Maintenance Protections

solar panels

When dealing with a reputable 3-phase inverter supplier, there will be support structures in place to ensure that the sanctity of the investment is looked after. These policies will be issued for anywhere between 12 months to 5 years depending on the supplier, giving peace of mind for constituents who want to be able to leverage the application without having to pay full price for a potential replacement. Thankfully the advancements in the technology have lowered instances of malfunction, providing homeowners with a well-rounded system that delivers them the energy they require.


There is no escaping from the fact that some homeowners are scared of the 3-phase inverter simply due to the price. While they will be listed at approximately $200-$300 retail more than their single-phase counterparts, they offer a higher grade of efficiency and flexibility that truly optimises residential power consumption.