6 Tips for Friends Finding Pregnancy Gifts

baby shower

Friends can spend weeks and hundreds of dollars trying to get it right with pregnancy gifts.

If you have been invited to a baby shower and don’t know where to even begin the search, it can help to look through some of the top suggestions that hit the right marks.

Whether it is for luxury or pure practicality, any of these purchases will be perfect for the expecting mum.


Baby Toys & Outfits

One of the best strategies that friends can adopt when seeking out pregnancy gifts is buying something for the baby. This can range from rompers to leggings, sleepers and beanies to bloomers depending on the season and the budget. If they happen to have enough clothing items that have been purchased or passed down, then a collection of toys will never go astray. From fluffy figures and dolls to items that play music and offer some interactive fun, the parents will get a lot of value from these goods in the years to come.


Blankets & Pillows

It is easy to understate how much physical strain mum will be under during this time in her life. The aches and pains emerge when residing in stress positions, placing restrictions on her movement from one place to the next. The good news is that pregnancy gifts offer an opportunity for friends to provide some comfort – metaphorically and literally! A collection of comfort pillows and blankets will be just the recipe, particularly if their home is struggling with heating during those winter months.


Motherhood Book

A bit of light reading can actually be a great idea when considering pregnancy gifts. There are fantastic books that will detail the journey during pregnancy, how the whole process feels emotionally and offer some helpful suggestions about how to cope during such a significant time. There are many mums who love to be reflective about pregnancy and want to pick up hints and tips from other mothers. It won’t necessarily work for everyone, but the right book at the right moment can be just the tonic.


Chair & Massage Rollers

Depending on the budget and the type of brand that is found in stores, friends can really hit all of the right marks with pregnancy gifts when they opt for a recliner chair, sofa seating arrangement or individual rollers and neck tension applications. This allows them to get the blood flowing and to reduce stress and tension in the body. There are friends during baby showers where they will offer gift cards for spa treatments and that can be an ideal solution if these rollers are deemed too expensive.


The Labour Pack

These gift ideas are often considered for those quiet at home moments when everything is calm. For a mum who is expecting, they will attempt to have everything in place for that moment when the water breaks. The good news is that there are pre-designed labour packs that already include a range of oils, towels, condiments, wipes, combs and other key essentials. This will cut down the guesswork and if it is already in the car, then the partner does not have to be in such a state of panic.


The Nursing Robe

Mums want to look stylish and feel comfortable, even when they are going through pregnancy and visiting the hospital. A great idea for pregnancy gifts for friends is the nursing robe, offering them a tailored attire that matches their taste for style and colour tone while being practical for a trip to the hospital. Those regular nursing gowns can be a bit of a letdown, so why not add some character to the attire?


Close friends can go one of a couple of ways when identifying pregnancy gifts. They can either set their budget and identify an item that they know will have a lot of value, or they can pool their resources together and really splash out on an amazing gift. Given the number of practical items they will need on a day-to-day basis, the former is probably the best approach for a baby shower event.